Photo of John and Alex working on computer.


Dr. John Banks

User friendly web services are crucial to the disability sector and with this as a priority, Alex Auletta, The Disability Navigator, has teamed up with expert, Dr. John Banks, in a partnership to develop a range of flexible components enabling the creation of efficient, customised, interactive cloud database services to support organisations and individuals across the disability sector.

Dr. John Banks has over 15 years experience developing and maintaining dynamic web services designed to provide user-friendly access to special purpose databases. In this unique new partnership with Alex Auletta, The Disability Navigator, he will be developing components that will facilitate tailor-made cloud database systems to manage services to clients. These components will be flexible, easy and quick to use, and the systems developed will be able to be accessed by disability-based organisations as well as by individual clients.

By their very nature, systems built in this way are flexible and easy to expand at low cost. This means they can grow and change as needs change, without breaking the budget. Dr. Banks believes that a web service is most productive for users, and therefore for all stakeholders, when it is easy and natural to use. These principles have empowered him to create robust cloud services that can adapt quickly to meet the needs of users and will be paramount in the web services designed for The Disability Navigator.

With a design philosophy driven by a commitment to seeing online tasks and actions from the user's point of view, Dr. Banks is committed to ongoing and rapid response to maintenance issues identified by users and is always willing to build in useful new features that streamline workflow for users.

Dr Banks has worked for over 20 years in universities, teaching mathematics and database theory. Throughout this period, he has been developing practical customized cloud databases for university administration. At the national level, he has created a customised cloud system for conference administration. He has also developed cloud services for not-for-profit organisations. He is an author of several textbooks and influential international publications in mathematics. Amongst other awards, John has been honoured with the prestigious Carrick Award, a national award for excellence in teaching.

Dr. Banks has a BA (Social Sciences) and a PhD in Mathematics, both from La Trobe University.