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Alex Auletta is a highly skilled disability services practitioner. Alex has a broad range of skills and experience, including a deep understanding of the disability sector. Her expertise and competencies have been developed over twenty-seven years in the private and public sectors that includes the not-for-profit, education, business, government and disability sectors, as well as working in a State Government statutory authority.

In the disability sector, Alex has worked in a number of challenging roles: as a Disability Advocate supporting people and families from culturally and linguistically diverse communities; Advocate/Guardian for the Office of the Public Advocate in the State of Victoria; Multiple Complex Needs Case Manager; Acquired Brain Injury Case Manager for the Slow to Recover programme, supporting individuals with catastrophic brain injuries and as a university Senior Disability Advisor.

In the education sector, Alex has worked at La Trobe, Monash, Deakin, Victoria University and NMIT in student services, department co-ordination and educational research. In the private sector, Alex has worked as a business research consultant and brings this expertise to her consulting services.

Alex has developed and coordinated services, is adept in needs assessment of clients and has developed policy and training projects and has also worked as a social science and education researcher. Alex has experience in working within legal frameworks, legislative compliance and is knowledgable about relevant anti-discrimination and disability legislation.

Her talent as a communicator, advocate, negotiator and facilitator is well acknowledged by her peers and clients. Now, Alex brings her experience, her empathy and her knowledge to The Disability Navigator, ensuring safe passage for every client and every circumstance.

Alex's qualifications are:  

  Certificate IV in Training & Assessment RMIT University,
  BA (Social Science) La Trobe University,
  Graduate Diploma (Educational Administration) University of Melbourne,
  Master of Education University of Melbourne.  

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