Photo of Alex and client on St Kilda Pier Melbourne.

How The Disability Navigator Will Work For You

For Individuals

  • Provide individualised advice, advocacy and strategic plans, to navigate the pathways of disability support services.
  • Needs assessment and casework.
  • Provide advice and plan strategies for transition to TAFE or university.
  • Act as a link to co-ordinate information and services from multiple sources and tailor information for your requirements.
  • Engage with the appropriate service providers required on your behalf.
  • Negotiate the best possible outcome with agencies, as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Provide advice and workable strategies for you and the agencies working with you, regardlesss of case complexity.
  • Identify and overcome potential obstacles to disability service provision.
  • Negotiate on your behalf with the relevant parties involved in all aspects of the disability sector.
  • Work to seek action as quickly as possible for services that you may need.

For Organisations and Practitioners

  • Cloud database systems for managing services to clients.
  • Advice, research and service solutions.
  • Training and community education strategies.