Navigating pathways through the resources, support and services available to people with disability.

Photo of St. Kilda Pier Melbourne with boats (navigation scene).

Do You Need The Disability Navigator?

Are you a person with disability, or a carer for someone living with disability? Do you have a temporary or ongoing medical condition? Are you seeking advice, information, advocacy?

Do you need someone to help you link up with disability support services and assist you to organise what you need? Are you going to TAFE or university and need assistance with transition? Do you need a disability practitioner to assist you as you navigate the many pathways of the disability sector? 

Does your organisation need assistance developing cloud database systems? Would you like solutions that help your agency provide high quality services for your clients? Do you need strategies on how to be better equipped to deal with new service opportunities for your clients?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need The Disability Navigator.